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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 2, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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now, good morning maryland. >> ten years and this morning one of the men convicted in the dc sniper shooting is speaking out. >> accusations surrounding a firefighter, a live report on what one man is accused of doing to two teen boys. get up and get active. a life preview and how the ravens are getting involved. it's tuesday, october 2nd. i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today. rain is going to be a factor weather wise and with the traffic. >> dealing with fog out there. north and west of baltimore. please be extra careful as you head out. >> we have the rain out there already , the bulk is off towards the west. but that is slowly but surely moving in our direction.
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let's zoom in on areas this morning. that's and a we are looking at -- that's what we are looking at. carol, baltimore, manchester light rain showers, more of the same in westminster, sliding up to the north and east as of now. along i-83, heading towards pennsylvania, in to new freedom, in on wet weather as well. also jeretsville, showers across the area, to the knot of cockeysville. the bulk of the rain towards the west, we can see it along i- 70, hammered this morning. hopefully the travels aren't going to take you that way. you can see it crossing over frederick and walkersville as of now and mount airy, demascus as well. wet weather, we will be seeing this morning and in to the afternoon. not a washout, off and on showers throughout the day. it's going to be wet. we are close to 7-inchs for the year below. millersville temperature 64 right now. we are at 60, owings mills.
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checking out the winds, we can see them from the east, that's going to keep news the cloud cover as we cup through the day. the -- continue through the day. in to 3:00, 77 degrees, showers in the forecast. now a check of the time safer traffic with loren cook. good morning, patchy fog out there. you will want to watch out for reduced visibility. if you are using inner state 70, the rain left that slick. no significant delays as you travel from columbia pike, all the way over to the beltway. as we check in and look outside. northwest corner of 695, park heights avenue, everything up to speed, no delays now, getting down to 95. pulling up drive timeses notice the rest of the beltway, in great shape now, no delays on the outer loop from 95, up to 83, you are looking a the typical 11 minute ride and the jfx clear in to the city.
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southbound from 695s downtown to fayetteville. that's a look at your time saver traffic. a baltimore county firefighter is charged with sexually abusing two teen boys. linda so is live at county police headquarters with the latest. officers are working to get this man's photograph out there. why are that i they doing that? >> reporter: parents look at the picture and talk to kids if they come in contact with this man. anthony maurice cotel is accused of abusing two, 14 year old boys, one of the victims contacted police and told them cotel abused him while living with his family and told police he witnessed cotel abuse a friend at his house. the abuse happened between may 1st and june 1st. cot sl a probationary firefighter with the fire department and active volunteer
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with the landsdowne fire department and suspended from both positions pending the outcome. he is held at the county detention center on 150,000 dollars bond. if you have information on the case or believe your kids maybe a victim, call the crimes against children unit at 410- 853-3650. convicted dc sniper, is speaking out about the shooting spree that terrorized the washington area. ten years ago today that the first victim was killed. mallvo says he is sorry for what happened. he was under the control of his older partner that was john allen mohammad. they have been linked to 27 shootings including ten fatal attacks in the dc area. he was executed in 2009. developing story on this tuesday, a battle over parking in patterson park. some people say they put a lot
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of time and effort if to turning the park in to what it is today and against the nearly 100 parking pots to help expanding senior center. last night's meeting was held at the virginia baker rec center. there will be three more meetings about the proposal. no final decision has been made just yet. o. s are wrapping up the regular season. a numb of scenarios. -- despite a late inning come backs baltimore dropped game one of the seize, 5- 3 to the rays. chris davis. s two run home run in the 9ths
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cut the lead 5- 3. we came out and tried hard. >> game two is set for 7:10, ma gel is facing shields. yankees and red sox get underway at 7:05. with the al east race so tight and close, there are the potential for a tie breaking game played here at camden yards on thursday. the general public will get a chance to buy remaining tickets at 2:00 and the loser of the tie breaker will play in a one game playoff, set for friday. we want to see you and your family decked in and out orange celebrating the trip to the playoffs. send the pics to
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goal is to end childhood obesity, this morning, sherrie johnson is live in sykesville with more and the program is to get kids up and get them moving. >> reporter: that's exactly right. we are here in sykesville, students are in for a surprise today. ravens will be here to help them with the kickoff for the nfl play 60 challenge. we got to get them off the couch and up and moving, the goal is to end childhood obesity. i have health and pe teachers joining me. angie, jennifer, and beth. thank you ladies for being here. first of all, tell me a little bit about what is going on today. >> we are so excited. today is our surprise kickoff assembly to promote our project bases. nfl play of 60 event. >> reporter: why is this important for students to be involved in? >> we are trying to curve the
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current trends in childhood obesity. there are health issues, diabetes and early heart disease, high blood pressure, also active children excel in school. we want that to happen as well. >> can you tell me, what do you want students to take away? >> to plan a program that allows them to exercise 60 minute as day for life longs cut down on childhood obesity and understand how important the exercise is. >> any kid that completes the logs will have a chance to enter the drawing and draw two students to go to the ravens steelers game. >> how exciting. tell me a little bit about the log, how do you keep track of what the students are doing? >> they keep track for two weeks of the exercises they are doing, at school and at home. they record them in the log and write how much time they spent
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on each exercise. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. good information here. with assembly starts at 9:30. the students will be surprised. they are going to have a baltimore raven visiting and dundalk will have a similar event at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. spreading the wealth all over. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. arundel county, a parent is in trouble, after their child was found toting weed to class. parents, you will want to know this, there is a new rule handed down on a drug used to vaccinate girls from a certain virus.
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bge is conducting emergency training drills. 200 employees are taking part in the event, through friday. all aspects of the service restoration will be tested rain will be in the process for today. a colder winter. >> they need to be prepared. chilly temperatures in the
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seven-day forecast. i'm going to show you that in a second. >> rain today, cold over the weekend. >> people like. thissey have friends gathering out there. >> we have the wet weather working in across mailed's most powerful radar. frederick has been the spot for the heavier rain, we are seeing it and walkersville, mount airy, i-70, demascus. this is where it's coming down, montgomery county, see it around laytonsville. ics 270, this stretch is getting wet. in the next area that's going to be hit is in to howard county and baltimore county, the lighter rain there, but behind that, the heavier rain is coming in as we go through the matter of moments. with prepaid for that as you head out the door. temperature wises looking on the mild side, we are not
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seeing the rain falling. chester town 64, cambridge 66. annapolis, 64. you don't need the jacket, as you head out and about. you will need the umbrella. here is future trend all this is courtesy, wet weather, is courtesy of this system that's to the south, this will work off towards the north as we go through today ask tomorrow. it's goiin warmer air , the warm front will move through, we will feel it tomorrow and a cold front traversing the area as we go through your weekend. that's when we will feel things and feeling the colder temperatures across the area. speaking of temperatures, a look at the hour by hour forecast. lunchtime, the temperature will be at 74 degrees, will be damp, the temperatures will go up, above average, forecasting a high around 77 degrees and here is a check of the seven-day forecast, what you are waiting for, we dry things out nicely in to thursday and friday.
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we are breezy saturday. look at the 67 sunday and the 62 degrees as we go in to columbus day. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. it's going to be chilly coming up but fog to talk about this morning. >> i guess it feels like fall because it is fall. want to bring the jacket this morning. dealing with fog to the north of baltimore and also to the west as lynette mentioned, frederick hit hard. be careful if you are traveling in the area. as we check in and look at the harrisburg expressway, here in hunt valley, no problems to report from shawan down to 695. here is what 95 looks like, downtown, 395, traffic along, no delays now from white marsh to downtown baltimore. if you are using 695, no problems to report traveling the outer loop, 95 up to 83. traffic is starting to pick up on the west side. if you are traveling the outer loop, nothing terrible, you are
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looking at a 12 minute ride from 795, down to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. parents you want to know a new study found gardasil to be safe, even for young girls. concerns over the safety of the vaccine to guard against the human papilloma virus emerged after the fd aapproved it in 2006. the only side effects associated were same day fainting and a skin infection around the injection site. hpv can lead to cervical cancer. washington pediatric center has a new member of the staff. this one walks on all fours. >> mount washington pediatric hospital has a new member on the staff. meet 2 year old, yuba, trained in assisting therapists. >> he has been an asset.
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it's allowed the therapists to work with children who maybe reluctant to participate in therapy, having yuba present at the sessions allowed the chip to participate and helped in the healing process. >> reporter: that 17 year old is playing catch. linus broke his pelvis in a car accident. yuba has been with him three weeks and he has seen a difference in his rehab. >> yuba relaxes you. sometimes the dog just helps you get your minds off the workout. the burn or the pain you feel. his handler, completed aee longt training process learning 60 different commands and
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providing assistance to a pediatric team of therapist. >> every therapist he works with, i hear the same thing, oh my gosh, i haven't been able to get the kid to do this windchill , with the dog there, he helps relax them. ist a motivation to complete the therapies and to, it's a new excitement for them. >> it's about making their lives a little less stressful. and having yuba here, well, it's the smiles that count. >> great story. first it was ghosts then vampires, now zombies are tops among the favorite things that go bump in the night. we will explain. it's time to change the way we clean.
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they are selling limited edition t-shirts, hats and accessories, the founder started his company when he was 19 years old. come to find out, he turned down a number of investors, chose to go it on his own and success is paying off. >> very nice. >> cool story. caption this. cool today, too. >> this is mac, he wouldn't take this red polo cup out of his mouth. he waited until she took the picture. this has generated a ton of comments.
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please keep your comments coming. >> next round is on you. >> if you have a caption idea, email it our way. parents, if you are going to be away from home at 4:00, set the dvr and record the edition of the katie show here on abc 2 rs here is a preview. >> hi, did you know 13 million kids are bullied every single year. i'm talking with two high school girls whose stories have been in headlines, one was the victim of a cruel hoax and the others heard rumor about a club called the kkk, kill katie club. we will tell you the warning science of bullying and how to intervene if your child is
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being harassed at school. a show every parent needs to watch. that's later on katie. >> that is 4:00 today here on abc 2. coming up, dramatic video to bring you this morning, you don't want to miss this. a massive fire caught on camera. how long crews had to work to get this mess under control. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo!
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killings in the past year, this morning, the verdict handed down from the investigation in to the parkville hot spot. another day, another recall to warn you about. this one involves a honda accord. what you need to know, also, time to get up and get active with the ravens. live as the team gets ready to face off. meagan is off today. we begin with weather, that's a big story as you make your way out the door, rain is in the forecast. lynette is watching. rain is here, and we will be seeing that through the rest of the morning. maryland's most powerful radar, the heaviest stuff towards the west. beginning to trek towards the east now. we can see heavy rain now around poolsville.
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entering montgomery county, around german town, gaithersburg, pa peto mac pa to mac. with redealing with slick weather this morning, also foggy conditions. the temperatures not the biggest problem this morning, you can leave the coat home, but the temperature coming in at 61 degrees catonsville, the dew point of 57. the dew points are beginning to go up, we are going to see and feel a little bit more humid for today. churchville 61, 58 degrees now in frederick as we go through the rest of the day, hour by hour forecast brings us to 77 by this afternoon. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook.


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